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Coco has gone through most of the neighborhood and much to her frustration she still has six pies left in her car to sell. Her squad is trying to make their fund raising goals so they can attend nationals later this year. Coco's last stop is Mr Johnson's, who tells her he's not really a pie person but would be willing to buy all her pies if he could SMASH THEM IN HER FACE! Coco reluctantly agrees as she really wants to sell all her pies! she takes the first one in her face and now has to decide between ruining her gymnastics uniform or letting Mr Johnson see her without it on! as each pie hits her face Coco opts to keep removing items as she doesn't want to ruin her bra, and then her panties... wild and crazy scene!

gymnast teen strip

Shen's Gymnastics Academy has a dedicated and successful Girls, Boys, and XCel Gymnastics Teams. Our highly experienced coaching staff is dedicated to guiding the gymnasts through training and help them develop into strong, disciplined athletes both mentally and physically. All of our coaches are safety certified. Please click the menu below to find out more.

Celebrate your child's next birthday at Shen's. Enjoy one full hour of gymnastics activities incorporating obstacle courses, zip-line, trampoline, parachute, bouncy house with slide, and the foam-filled pit.

Come enjoy active fun and creative play at Shens Gymnastics during summer and school vacations. Children will enjoy the experience of gymnastics and get plenty of physical exercise. Join us for fun-filled days of gymnastics other activities including trampoline, zip-line, tumbling into our giant foam pit, jumping & sliding in our bouncy house, recreational games, arts & crafts, and of course, instructor-led gymnastics. Regardless of the skill level of the attendees, our staff focuses on providing the fundamentals of gymnastics in a no-pressure, fun, environment.Campers will run, tumble, jump, and balance in our kid-friendly gym under the supervision of our trained coaches. Your child will learn new skills, make new friends, and gain self-confidence.

The University of Calgary Gymnastics Centre has a large variety of Olympic-standard equipment, including: sprung gymnastics floor, sprung tumble strip, trampoline, foam pits, ropes, bars, rings, beams, resi-pit and vaults. If you love gymnastics we are always looking to hire new, active people to join our team!

Active Living offers a wide variety of programs from health and wellness, to recreation programs and certifications. Instruction is offered in fitness, first aid and CPR, pre-hospital care, skating, swimming, gymnastics, court sports and many more. Intramural Sports as well as Competitive and Recreational Club Sports are open to students, staff, faculty and the general public for a nominal fee. Information for all registered programs can be found online and in the Active Living Guide.

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"Can I hug you?" my friend's boyfriend asked me. I had just arrived at a bar on the north side of Chicago, joining a number of my colleagues who had congregated for drinks to celebrate the end of a long week. I was a bit surprised by the question, not only because it was the first time I had ever met my friend's boyfriend, but also because his request for a hug directly followed my answer to his first question: "What do you do?" Although I will never know for certain what he intended to convey--for all I know, he hugs everyone who tells him about their work--my awkward interaction with him nonetheless was congruent with other reactions I have received. From nervous giggles and high fives, to abrupt shifts in the conversation, I have been given the impression that many people are not only fascinated by or uncomfortable with the topic of stripping, they are also, perhaps to a lesser degree, curious about someone who chooses to write about it from an ethnographic point of view. By hugging me, did my friend's boyfriend hope to gain access, through touch, to the real, "live" world of strippers in which my female researcher-body travels? Would his reaction have been different if I were an exotic dancer?

In this essay, I discuss stripping from a methodological perspective, drawing on my own Midwestern U.S.-based fieldwork to show why, contra to Bradley-Engen and Ulmer's (2009) findings, smaller-scale ethnographic work is still needed in order for researchers to better comprehend recent shifts in the industry, as well as the place of stripping in popular culture, cultural imaginaries, and everyday life. Despite the increased prominence of representations of stripping in the public sphere and the apparent mainstream acceptance of "striptease culture" (McNair, 2002, p. 207; see also Attwood, 2009), I argue that the allure of stripping is still very much predicated on "liveness"--on the proximity of bodies to each other in and through live performance (Auslander, 1999). And since liveness also is central to the ethnographic enterprise, ethnographers, I believe, are particularly well-suited to studying this phenomenon.

At the same time, ethnography is never as simple or straightforward as one would like; it can be awkward, frustrating, and, at times, disconcerting. But tense and/or embarrassing moments also can be extraordinarily useful. In what follows, I first articulate what I mean by stripping, since, as a polysemous word, it can be used and interpreted differently. I then discuss ethnographic foolishness, as theorized by performance studies scholar D. Soyini Madison (2010), and explain the benefits of applying this research frame to my own work. Finally, I offer examples of how feeling foolish in the field has opened doors for me, leading to new and otherwise unattainable insights. Rather than viewing challenges as a hindrance to the research process, I suggest, following Madison, that fieldwork difficulties and uncomfortable moments often themselves constitute data--unsolicited hugs included. The data discussed below also contribute to broader understandings of sexualized leisure and labor... 041b061a72


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