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Commander Tom Giandomenico, who led the SWAT team's response to the incident, said that despite the shooter firing potentially over 100 rounds at officers and bystanders, law enforcement did not return fire.



The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which is leading the investigation, says there were "two officer involved shootings" during the nearly 44-hour standoff. The first was when Gardas fired at law enforcement just before midnight on Tuesday, and a Wright County Sheriff's deputy returned fire.

Sheriff Sean Deringer said this was the longest standoff he has even been involved in. And given that the suspect had actually shot at officers, they were careful about how to bring this to a peaceful end.

The Universal Economy Standoff Regulator from Duro Dyne is a hand operated elevated regulator designed for use with 1/4in or 3/8 in square rod on externally insulated duct. The unique 10 degree foot, allows the same regulator to be used on bothsquare or round ductwork, alleviating the need to stock multiple regulators. It is offered in four standoff heights: 1'', 1-1/2'', 2'', 3''. The handle is locked in place with a heavy duty high torque stamped wing nut and clearly shows damper positionwith embossed designations for open and closed. Reinforcing gussets in four locations add to the rigidity of this regulator. Anoptional score and Heto Notch allows the UESO to work for multiple damper fitting applications including Hetos.

Dyna-Click is the latest in self-locking regulators offered by Duro Dyne. This 15 position indexingregulator features a triggerless 3/4'' twist locking nut that fixes the regulator in place once set.Designed for use with square rod on both square and round externally insulated duct, it is offered intwo standoff heights, 1-1/2'' & 2''. The Dyna-Click is engineered with a heavy duty spring so it staysset once clicked into place. The high visibility yellow handle allows it to be easily found in the field onwrapped duct.

Critics have argued that the use of selective admission standards are locking out many of the students who would benefit most from hands-on learning and the pathway the schools provide to a skilled trade career. Those who struggle with traditional classroom academics, they say, are exactly the kind of students for whom vocational schools might be a good fit. Instead, many regional vocational schools in the state have become the preferred choice of college-bound students.

Standoff 2 is basically the mobile version of CS: GO that fans have been asking for so long. It takes the essence of what made the classic shooter so great and distills it into short gameplay experiences that still feel whole and engaging. If you've been playing first-person shooters for a while now, you'll understand and see for yourself when you start playing them. It gets a solid recommendation. 041b061a72


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