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Where To Buy Sem Paint

66 Auto Color is a certified House of Kolor distributor. We specialize in custom paints for automobiles and motorcycles. Since 2004 we have been serving the 4 States with a genuine commitment of excellent service, fast shipping, and quality products. Do it yourself-er or auto body business, we have the products you need! We hope you'll take the time to see for yourself the value 66 Auto Color can offer you!

where to buy sem paint


SEM Products is an industry-leading maker of paints, adhesives, and specialty coatings for the automotive market, and several others. For more than 60 years, SEM Products has been producing the high-quality repair and refinishing products and coatings you need to complete your automotive restoration projects. Summit Racing carries a large selection of SEM paint, including primers, rust shield, trim paints, truck bed spray liner, spray and coating guns, vinyl and plastic prep, plastic and leather prep, and much more! Shop SEM Products at Summit Racing!

Conductive graphite paint, primarily designed for SEM sample preparation. The graphite flakes, with an average size of 1µm, are bonded by a cellulose resin with isopropanol as diluent. Good bonding properties on most materials. Graphite content is 20%. Ideal to mount samples on sample stubs or to make a conductive path to the sample surface. Let fully dry before using in the SEM. Maximum service temperature: 200 C. Use Graphite Paint Extender to dilute when needed.

A highly conductive silver paint with an acrylic binder. High purity silver flakes, fast drying with a low VOC content. The fast drying silver paint forms a thin, highly conductive and flexible layer. Ideally suited to form conductive paths or conductive bonding for SEM sample preparation. Durable acrylic resin minimizes metallic loss, flakes ensure maximum conductivity. Other applications are conductive paths for electronic components and EMI/RFI shielding. Excellent adhesion to most nonconductive materials such as plastics, ceramics, wood, glass, epoxies and most metals. Supplied in a 30g or 15g bottle with brush. Acetone (#16023) can be used as thinner/extender or as a cleaner.

The PELCO High Temperature Carbon Paste is aimed for applications where a conductive cement is needed which withstand temperatures up to 2000C (3632F).This paste is ideally suited for mounting specimens on hot stages for SEM , FESEM, XPS, ESCA, SIMS and AUGER systems. Also for applications where silver migration or a reaction with silver or nickel flakes could be a problem, this product would be an excellent alternative. Carbon content is 50-60% by weight in an inorganic silicate aqueous solution. Conductivity in cured state is 4.6 ohm/square/mil. Must be fully cured to achieve good conductivity and strong bond. Soluble in water to 260C (500F). Cure schedule is: air dry at room temperature for 2-4 hours, step cure at 93C (200F) and final cure at 260C (500F).

Prod #DescriptionUnitPriceOrder / Quote16059-10PELCO High Performance Nickel Paste, 50geach$46.80Qty: 16059PELCO High Performance Nickel Paste, 1 pint (approx. 1kg)each361.90Qty: PELCO Conductive Nickel Paint Conductive nickel paint with an acrylic binder. High purity nickel flakes (8-13µm), fast drying with a VOC content of 27.5%. The fast drying nickel paint forms a thin, conductive and flexible layer with good adhesion on most substrates. Can be used to form conductive paths, conductive bonding or conductive painting where silver can't be tolerated, but where high conductivity is required. The conductivity of this nickel cement paint is approximately 20x better than graphite paint and approximately 10% of silver paint. The high oxidation resistance of pure Nickel ensures a long-term conductivity. Nickel is a magnetic material, not suitable for high resolution SEM imaging close to the pole piece in most SEMs. Supplied in a bottle with a brush, 30g. Acetone (#16023) can be used as thinner/extender or as a cleaner to remove the nickel paint.

Micro-traces of crime scene evidence can be analyzed and compared using electron microscopy as part of a forensic investigation. Compatible samples include glass and paint fragments, tool marks, drugs, explosives, and GSR (gunshot residue).

The vehicle color code will list the paint color exactly so finding it is important. In order toguarantee the accuracy of a color, paint should be ordered based on the color code. Learn where to locate yourColor Identification Plate .

Please do not order based on the color you see onscreen. Because computer and phone screens are alldifferent, the color you see on online may not look exactly the same as the paint you receive. For moreinformation, view the FAQ'S . 041b061a72


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