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Turn Off The Fat Genes: The Revolutionary Guide...

Okay, if you're currently subsisting on a diet of donuts and pizzas, then doing a 180 may not be a bad idea. But if you have dietary preferences like enjoying meat, then that probably means the best for you isn't going to be vegan. And if your diet is relatively healthy and you are looking at embarking on an eating plan that requires you to prepare your meals totally differently or swap out a lot of foods in your diet, it may bring on constipation, bloating, and other unwanted side effects. "If you want to change things up a bit, the safest bet would be to do so slowly so your system doesn't get a total shock," says David Zinczenko, author of the Zero Belly Diet, the revolutionary plan that can help you turn your fat genes off with the right metabolism-revving foods.

Turn Off the Fat Genes: The Revolutionary Guide...

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