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The maids are courteous and do a thorough job, especially in the bathrooms, which I think is important. They bring all their own supplies, but if you like a specific cleaning agent or vacuum, they are accommodating. The maids are trustworthy and we have never had issues in that area. Also good with ease of making appointments and showing up, which has improved a lot. Cost is also very reasonable, and its a good deal especially given how thorough they are.

bathroom cleaning.mp4

OHHH I love these!!! and thanks for the toilet pic of your spider! I am sooooo doing this! Last year I got more than a little tired of cleaning up after the boys! We have one of the little bitty toilets in our bathroom, and it was way easy for them to over shoot! UGH

These are really cute. Thanks for sharing them. I could of really used them last year with my four year old class of 13 (yes you read that right) boys and 3 girls. We did a lot of singing the potty song by Heidi of Heidi songs before we would go to use the bathroom.

I've put the slave to work: scrubbing and cleaning the bathroom floor. Checking up on his progress I can see he has absolutely no idea what he's doing. Who would have thought this was such a difficult task? I decide to make it a whole lot MORE difficult for the idiot. Away with the sponge, I make him take the soap in his mouth directly: a full block of it AND plenty of liquid soap. To motivate him into scrubbing, licking and polishing the floor tiles with his soaped and sudsy tongue, I shove My heel right into the back of his neck. Looks like the perverted little fucker is getting hornier and hornier from such degrading treatment. I've trained him such that he just can't get horny from anything that isn't humiliating, dirty and perverted. I make him wank his hard slave dick right there on the floor in front of Me. Now there's even more mess to clean up, the bitch had better get licking!

The Double Laundry Hamper with Lid and Removable Liners is a great addition to any bedroom, laundry room, or bathroom. The double hamper features 2 removable liners, making it great for carrying your dirty laundry to the washing machine instead of dragging the whole hamper across your home. The removable liners are washable, keeping the hamper itself cleaner. The hamper lid keeps dirty clothes out of sight while also concealing any smells. Constructed from polyester linen, the hamper offers you a durable yet lightweight solution to organizing your dirty clothes. The hamper can fit 4 standard-sized loads of laundry. Their laundry hamper will help you keep your home organized without being a big eyesore. It helps keep dirty clothes off the floor by offering a single location for your dirty clothes. The double hamper allows you to sort clothes by colour, spouse, or child, saving you time on laundry day.

Keep your bedroom or bathroom clear of clutter with this handy wastebasket. Crafted from metal, it features a solid colour hue that works well in modern spaces and a mesh design for a sleek look. Its 13.75'' H x 11.5'' W measurement fits in the corner of any room you need it, and its round shape is capable of holding up to four gallons. Available in a variety of colours, you can choose the perfect piece for your contemporary decor.

The Carlina 1.32 Gallon Step On Trash Can allow you to open it with one press of your foot on the front pedal. It features a slim design and a small footprint that fits perfectly in tight spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, office, or garage. Featuring a white finish, this trash can includes a removable plastic bucket liner equipped with a carrying handle so trash removal is quick and sanitary.

We used to have this free form linoleum pattern on the bathroom floor that during extended sessions I liked to pick out figures from. Sort of a less appealing (to the general reader) version of cloud gazing as a kid. 041b061a72


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