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Cbr 900 Rr 1999 Manual

Haynes workshop manual: these manuals make possible to carry out all maintenance and repair work on your motorcycle. Haynes motorcycle manuals are ideal for all users, both beginners and experienced mechanics. Haynes authors and technicians process the best methods of work to be done so that everyone can perform operations quickly and easily. Haynes motorcycle repair manuals have clear instructions and hundreds of images showing each step: every manual shows the complete disassembly of the motorcycle. Haynes produces technical manuals with more than 50 years of experience.

Cbr 900 Rr 1999 Manual

Haynes Service & Repair Manual for maintenance and repair of the Honda motorcycles:- CBR900RR-N (893 cc, 1992)- CBR900RR-P (893 cc, 1993)- CBR900RR-R (893 cc, 1994)- CBR900RR-S (893 cc, 1995)- CBR900RR-T (919 cc, 1996)- CBR900RR-V (919 cc, 1997)- CBR900RR-W (919 cc, 1998)- CBR900RR-X (919 cc, 1999).

Technical manual from the series Revue Moto Technique (RMT 88). Describes maintenance and repair of the:- Yamaha XJ 600 S Diversion (1992-2001)- Yamaha XJ 600 N (1994-2001)- Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade (SC 29, 1992-1999).

If you are pondering as to whether a pre-injection blade is for you, then stop thinking and start buying! Not just are they classic's in the making, but they are a serious bike even by todays standards. I currently have a 1999 RRX/W and dont think for a minute that because it is a 10 year old bike that it must be slow! The blade still screams to breath taking speeds in no time at all and with a micron end can it sounds amazing! I use my blade every day and in all weathers and I love it! It rides two up with no problem at all with bearly any difference to the power and gets nods of respect every where you go. Two up, touring, around town, open roads...the list is endless! The blade is happy doing it all! As for fuel I normally reach about 140 miles before I hit reserve which is fine by me. I clean the blade all the time but even in winter the bike scrubs up really well. Excellent build quality, the likes of which you rarely ever see. If your new to riding to be put off by the blade. It really is very easy to ride, and as long as you respect it you cant go wrong. The 1998/99 blade is more like a sports tourer now especially in comparrison to the new blade which is more like a 600 is weight and shape. It is still big and bulky around its front end which gives it a menacing look! I really cant fault my bike. You really should stop thinking and get out there and buy one. I picked my 1999 blade up for a small sum of 1900! The bike only had 10000 miles on the clock and is and remains in excellent condition! I love it. For more photos check out my blog at


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