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Watch Black Mask 2: City of Masks (2002) Online in HD Quality - StreamFlix

Black Mask 2: City of Masks - A Review of the 2002 Action Film


If you are a fan of martial arts, superheroes, or sci-fi, you might have heard of Black Mask 2: City of Masks. It is a 2002 Hong Kong action film directed by Tsui Hark and starring Andy On, Tobin Bell, Jon Polito, Traci Lords, and Tyler Mane. It is a sequel to the 1996 film Black Mask, which was based on a comic book series by Li Chi-Tak.

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What is Black Mask 2: City of Masks?

Black Mask 2: City of Masks is a film that follows the adventures of Black Mask, a former soldier who was genetically enhanced by a secret project called "701". He escaped from the project and became a vigilante who fights crime with his martial arts skills and high-tech gadgets. In this film, he travels to a fictional city called "Molokai" to stop a terrorist group called "The Red Army" from unleashing a virus that can turn people into mutant beasts.

Who are the main actors and characters?

The main actors and characters in Black Mask 2: City of Masks are:




Andy On

Black Mask / Michael

The protagonist and hero of the film. He is a former member of the "701" project who became a vigilante after escaping from it. He wears a black mask to hide his identity and uses his enhanced abilities and gadgets to fight crime.

Tobin Bell


The main antagonist and leader of "The Red Army". He is a former scientist who was involved in the "701" project. He became obsessed with creating mutant beasts and plans to use a virus to transform humans into them.

Jon Polito


A secondary antagonist and the mayor of Molokai. He is a corrupt politician who works with Moloch to cover up his crimes and gain more power.

Traci Lords


A secondary antagonist and a member of "The Red Army". She is a female assassin who can change her appearance at will. She is Moloch's lover and partner in crime.

Tyler Mane

Wolf / Marco

A supporting character and a friend of Black Mask. He is a professional wrestler who was infected by the virus and turned into a wolf-like beast. He helps Black Mask to stop Moloch's plan.

What is the plot summary?

The plot summary of Black Mask 2: City of Masks is as follows:

The film begins with Black Mask infiltrating a military base where Moloch is conducting experiments on human subjects. He discovers that Moloch has created a virus that can turn people into mutant beasts. He tries to stop him but fails and escapes with a sample of the virus.

He then travels to Molokai, where he meets Wolf, a wrestler who was infected by the virus during a match. Wolf tells him that Molokai is controlled by King, who is in league with Moloch. He also introduces him to Dr. Marco Leung, a scientist who works for King but secretly opposes him. Dr. Leung helps Black Mask to analyze the virus and find a cure.

Meanwhile, Moloch arrives in Molokai with Chameleon, his lover and assassin. They plan to release the virus during a wrestling event called "The Beast War", where Wolf is scheduled to fight. They also target Black Mask, who they recognize as a former "701" soldier.

Black Mask tries to stop them but faces many obstacles, such as King's security forces, Chameleon's disguises, and Moloch's mutant army. He also has to deal with his own side effects from the virus, which make him lose control over his emotions and abilities.

The film culminates in a final showdown between Black Mask and Moloch at the stadium where "The Beast War" is taking place. Black Mask manages to defeat Moloch and destroy his virus bomb. He also cures Wolf and himself from the virus. He then exposes King's corruption and frees Molokai from his tyranny.

The film ends with Black Mask leaving Molokai with Wolf, Dr. Leung, and some other friends he made along the way. He vows to continue his fight against evil wherever it may be.

The Good

Black Mask 2: City of Masks has some positive aspects that make it enjoyable for some viewers. Here are some of them:

The action scenes and special effects

The film features many action scenes that showcase the martial arts skills of Andy On and other actors. The choreography is fast-paced, dynamic, and creative. The film also uses CGI effects to create the mutant beasts and other sci-fi elements. Some of these effects are impressive and realistic, while others are cheesy and fun.

The humor and comic relief

The film does not take itself too seriously and injects some humor and comic relief into its dark and violent story. Some of the jokes are witty and clever, while others are silly and absurd. The film also parodies some tropes and clichés from superhero movies, such as the mask reveal, the secret identity, and the love interest.

The themes and messages

The film explores some themes and messages that are relevant and meaningful for some viewers. Some of these themes are: - The importance of friendship and loyalty in times of crisis. - The dangers of genetic engineering and bioterrorism. - The corruption of power and politics. - The value of diversity and acceptance among different races and species. - The responsibility of being a hero and using one's abilities for good. The Bad

Black Mask 2: City of Masks also has some negative aspects that make it disappointing for some viewers. Here are some of them: