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Dave Spoon Night Original Mix Zippy

3/3/08 Big Top Thrills - Based on circus photos by F.W. Glasier from 1903, 1916 & 19062/24/08 (Sunday) Drawing style based on "Morty Meekle" by Dick Cavalli (1950s). Dialog taken directly from unrelated 1940s-50s cartoon ads from old magazines.2/6/08 Card Game - Drawing style based on "Morty Meekle" by Dick Cavalli (1950s). Dialog taken directly from unrelated 1940s-50s cartoon ads from old magazines.1/16/08 Sign Language - 1) Meriden MS 2&3) Shreveport LA1/8/08 Armless In Elmsford - Elmsford NY1/6/08 (Sunday) Lone Pine CA1/4/08 The Real Deal - Portland OR1/3/08 Q And A With A And W - Portland OR1/2/08 Up In The Air - Tulare CA12/29/07 Counter Claim - Corner Lunch Diner, Worcester MA12/27 & 12/28/07 Flying Lesson & Shoe Shine - Drawing style based on "Morty Meekle" by Dick Cavalli (1950s). Dialog taken directly from unrelated 1940s-50s cartoon ads from old magazines.12/24/07 Downtown - Based on Greenwich Village, NYC (Bleecker St. Cinema & Cafe Le Figaro)12/20/07 Frank Lloyd Rock - Lone Pine CA12/16/07 (Sunday) Las Vegas NV12/11/07 Sealing Unlimited - Shelton CT12/10/07 The Circle Game - St.Petersburg FL12/8/07 Prayer Circle - Boston MA12/7/07 Blackwater Sports - Astro Motel, Pasadena CA12/6/07 Anger Mismanagement - USA Country Diner, Windsor NJ12/5/07 Dink-Dink-Dink-Dink - Frost Diner, Warrenton VA12/4/07 Miffed - Vista CA11/21/07 Sold-Out Event - "Holiday Inn" is actually the Pasadena Community Church, St. Petersburg FL (c. 1938).11/14/07 Only A Theory - Blue and White Diner, Alexandria VA11/12/07 Waco Wacko - "Big Tex", Texas State Fair Grounds, Dallas TX11/9/07 Wiggle Room - 1 & 4) El Vado Motel, Albuquerque NM. 2 & 3) Owasso OK11/2/07 Weather Tight - Real camper spotted in Gloucester MA10/22/07 Yestermorrowland - Based on streets in 1) Denver CO 2) Niles MI 3) Stratford, England10/21/07 (Sunday) Based on streets in 1) Provincetown MA 2) Westbrook ME 3) Portland OR10/19/07 Gaining Direction - Completely true. The "Screw" office was actually the apartment of publisher Al Goldstein on Manhattan's Upper West Side.10/7/07 (Sunday) Real event!10/4/07 Rock Of Urges - Freedom NH10/2/07 Low Resistance - Rochester MA9/21/07 Down On The Corner - Vista CA9/19/07 An Evening Out Or In - High Restaurant, Mt. Vernon OH9/16/07 (Sunday) Lyme CT9/13/07 Perspective - Pensionnat Maintenon, Sommieres, France9/6/07 Bubble Trouble - The Peel Trident car,1965. Made on the Isle of Man.9/2/07 (Sunday) Albuquerque NM8/31/07 Gender Offender - Gloucester Township NJ8/29/07 Z-Pod - Lyme CT8/28/07 Berwyn IL8/27/07 Half Smoked - Arlington VA8/24/07 Black Hole In The Head - Staten Island NY8/21/07 Carted Off - Denton NC8/20/07 Street Smarts - New York NY8/16/07 Wringin' The Blues - Hamden CT8/10/07 Rethink Mink - Anchorage AK8/9/07 Boy Meets Grill- Hamburger Mary's,Palm Springs CA8/5/07 (Sunday) Hayward CA8/3/07 Anti-Cooption Campaign - Baltimore MD8/2/07 Whirled History - Girona, Spain8/1/07 Operational Difficulties - Liberace Museum, Las Vegas NV7/31/07 Natural State - Figueres, Spain7/30/07 Pre-Youtubular - Washington DC7/29/07 (Sunday) Panels 2, 3 & 4: The door to the Jewish Museum, Paris, France7/28/07 From Rust We Came - 46th Avenue & Sloat Blvd., San Francisco CA7/27/07 Black 'N' White - Las Vegas NV7/26/07 Zippy Takes A Dali Day - Salvador Dali Museum, Figueres, Spain7/23/07 Hope For The Future - Duluth GA7/22/07 (Sunday) Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain (Finca Gate, Parc Guell & Casa Mila)7/16-20/07 Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France7/14/07 Bring Tickets To Counter - New London CT7/13/07 Dada Vinci - Barcelona, Spain7/12/07 Wright Brain - New York, NY7/8/07 (Sunday) Piccadilly Grill, Winchester VA7/4/07 Barbarian At The Gates - Casa Mila & Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain7/2/07 Point Of Purchase - Barcelona, Spain6/29/07 Incorrect Usage - San Bernardino CA6/25/07 Hefty One-Zip! - Westborough MA6/24/07 (Sunday) Baltimore MD6/21/07 Comical Mix-up - Jackson NJ6/19/07 Fifty-Fifties - Cambridge OH6/15/07 Stool Sample - Chicopee MA6/12/07 Poe Boy - Baltimore MD6/8/07 Street Demonstration - Baltimore MD6/7/07 Holey War - Central Louisiana5/30/07 Pacific Rim Shot - The Hello Kitty planes makes regular runs for Eva Air from Tokyo to Fukuoa, Japan5/28/07 Highly Collectible - Niantic CT5/25/07 Mind Candy - Long Beach Island NJ5/20/07 (Sunday) Marquette IA5/13/07 (Sunday) Calgary, Saskatchewan, Canada5/8/07 Stripped And Malled - 1) Broken Arrow OK 2) Toronto, Ont. Canada 3) Newmarket, Ont. Canada5/7/07 Headstrong - Charlotte NC5/3/07 Not Having Fun - The Pines Bar, Jacksonville FL (in last panel Zippy refers to death of King Features Editor Jay Kennedy--see 4/9/07 strip)4/30/07 The Scene And The Unscene - Panels 1 & 3) Round Top TX4/29/07 (Sunday) Definitions of words in "Zippy Alphabet":ANTHROPOMORPHISM- Representation of ascribing human attributes to a non-human form.BAROTHERMOHYGROGRAPH- Instrument for recording atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity.CRYPTOCLIMATOLOGY- The study of a microclimate.DIHYDROXYPHENYLALANINE- Biochemistry: Dopa.EQUIPROBABILISM- Theory that, in cases of doubt as to the lawfulness of an action, it is permissable to follow either argument.FUNGITOXIC- Toxic to fungi.GLOSSOPHARYNGEAL- Pertaining to the tongue and pharynx.HOUPPELANDE- A robe or long tunic, belted and trimmed or lined with fur.ISOAGGLUTINATION- Clumping of the red blood cells.JUXTAPOSITION- Side by side, esp. for comparison or contrast.KINNIKINNICK- A mixture of bark, dried leaves and tobacco.LEPIDOPTEROLOGY- Zoological study of butterflies and moths.MEGAKARYOBLAST- A cell that gives rise to a megakaryocyte.NOVEMDECILLION- A cardinal number represented by a 1 followed by 60 zeros.ORTHOMOLECULAR- Treatment of disease by controlling intake of natural substances, esp. vitamins.PECCATOPHOBIA- Abnormal fear of sinning.QUINQUEVALENT- Exhibiting five chemical valences.RHABDOMANCY- Divination by means of a rod or wand.SEQUESTRECTOMY- The removal of dead portions of bones.TETRAGRAMMATON- The Hebrew word for God.USUFRUCTORY- Pertaining to the nature of enjoying the use of something that belongs to another.VALVULOTOMY- The opening or slitting of a heart valve.WHIGMALEERIE- A whim or notion.XANTHOSIDERITE- Hydrous iron oxide.YIDDISHISM- A feature characteristic of Yiddish.ZUGZWANG- Situation in which a chess player is only left with bad moves.4/27/07 Slippage - Eveready Diner, Hyde Park NY4/23/07 Extra Pulp - Panels 1 & 2) Sunrise FL Panel 3) Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy4/17/07 The Grim Grinder - Abington PA4/16/07 Nuts Are Beautiful - Elizabeth Tashjian (1912-2006). Lyrics below to "Nuts Are Beautiful" Elizabeth Tashjian.4/13/07 Leg Man - Cheshire CT4/12/07 Vertical Clearance - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada4/11/07 Digress, Young Man - Chappaqua NY4/9/07 Jay Kennedy 1956-2007 - Jay Kennedy was the Editor-In-Chief at King Features Syndicate for ten years, beginning in 1997. He died while swimming in Costa Rica on March 15, 2007.4/8/07 (Sunday) Partridge Family bus, spotted in Ashland NY4/6/07 Identity Theft - Center Diner, Peekskill NY (named "Sunset Diner" in Little Lulu Comics; by Marge Buell & John Stanley)4/5/07 Yowl - (Parody of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl") The White Pig, Mondovi WI3/30/07 Medium Rare - Jennie's Diner, Ronks PA3/20/07 The Urge To Surge - Diamond Inn, Las Vegas NV3/16/07 Goo-Goo-Googley Eyes - White Circle System Diner, Bloomfield NJ3/15/07 The Second Going - Holiday Lake, Bridgeboro NJ3/4/07 (Sunday) Las Vegas NV2/25/07 (Sunday) Dialogue from "Rusty Riley, a Boy, a horse and a Dog" comic book #554, by Frank Godwin, 1949.2/21/07 History Class - From photographs by Angelo Rizzuto, 1960. 2/20/07 Sylvan Setting - Brookville PA2/19/07 Bad Boy - Baker CA2/17/07 Office Hours - Drawings from: 1) "Judge Parker" by Harold Le Doux, 1970 2) "Rex Morgan M.D." by Marvin Bradley & Frank Edgington, 1971 3) "Steve Roper" by William Overgaard & Allen Saunders, 1966. 2/16/07 Brevity And Longevity - Dialogue from "Mutt And Jeff" comics #62, by Bud Fisher, 1953 .2/15/07 American Idyll - Dialogue from "Action Comics" #309, 1964.2/14/07 Mission: Amphibious" - Dialogue from "New Heroic Comics" #92, 1954.2/13/07 Cattle Call - Dialogue from"UFO Flying Saucers" comics #1, 1958.2/12/07 So You Want To Be An Electrician - Dialogue from comic book ad for "Cleveland Institute of Electronics" in "Prez" comics #1, 1973.2/6/07 Dumbo - Lodi WI2/4/07 (Sunday) The Beagle Boys appeared in Uncle Scrooge comics (Disney), created by cartoonist Carl Barks.2/1/07 Area $51.99 - Baker CA1/31/07 Nuggets Of Wisdom - Gold Strike Casino, Jean, NV1/28/07 (Sunday) Frisch's Big Boy, Cincinnati OH1/25/07 Zippy Gets Peeved - Jim Henson Company Studios (formerly Charlie Chaplin studios), L. A., CA1/23/07 Street Smarts - Scranton PA1/22/07 To Get A Haircut - 1 & 4) Arbutus MD 2 & 3) Nice, France1/19/07 Chat 'N' Chew - Kenwood Diner, Spencer MA1/18/07 The Tragic Toothpick - Kenwood Diner, Spencer MA1/17/07 Believe It!! - Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Los Angeles CA1/15/07 The Power Of The Interned - Glenrowan, Victoria, Australia1/14/06 (Sunday) Boardwalk, Santa Cruz CA1/11/07 Wise Baby - Frisch's Big Boy, Cincinnati OH1/10/07 Tasteful Appointment - Catonsville MD1/9/07 Fast Food Notion - Carney Point NJ1/8/07 Didactic, Yet Eclectic - Anaheim CA1/7/07 (Sunday) Linbrook Bowl, Anaheim CA1/4/07 Leisure Suit - Seal Beach CA1/3/07 Time Squared - Times Square, New York NY1/2/07 Incendiary Position - Parody of Ghost Rider comics (Marvel)1/1/07 Equal Opportunity Detractor - L.A. Natural History Museum, L.A. CA12/31/06 (Sunday) Schenectady NY12/29/06 Double Whammy - Calgary, Sask. Canada12/28/06 Schluburbia - Newburgh NY (1920s)12/27/06 Journalism 101 - Bob & Edith's Diner, Arlington VA12/26/06 Oh, The Plasticity! - Ron Mueck sculpture12/23/06 Hey! Mrs. Gowanus! - Tom Maley sculpture, Field Gallery, W. Tisbury MA12/21/06 Star Power - Santa Monica CA12/20/06 Quantum Loop - 1) Montreal, Que., Canada 2) Near Boston MA 3) Boston MA12/19/06 Jazzercize - Albuquerque NM12/17/06 (Sunday) Walt Shoaf's Barber Shop, Salisbury NC12/15/06 Encounter - Hollywood Diner, Baltimore MD12/13/06 Cobblestoned - Streets in Italy and Latvia12/12/06 Off The Griddle - Glendale CA12/11/06 The End Is Weird - Rock Creek Cemetery, Wash. DC12/10/06 (Sunday) Panel 2) Kerhonkson NY Panel 3) Glendale CA12/8/06 Stalking Points - All California12/7/06 Making Memories - Montreal, Quebec, Canada12/4/06 Kilt Trip - Crownsville MD12/2/06 Fog City - 1 & 2) Portola District, San Francisco CA 3) Glen Park District, S.F. CA11/30/06 Grand Central - "Phil Fumble" cameo (From "Fritzi Ritz" by Ernie Bushmiller)11/28/06 It's A Zoo Out There - San Francisco CA (45th Ave. & Sloat Blvd.)11/27/06 Window Of Opportunity - Grey Goose Framing, Los Angeles CA11/24/06 Slippery Slope - Park Slope, Brooklyn NY11/22/06 Zippy's Inner Spiritual Life - Van Nuys CA11/21/06 The Grim Peeper - Stockholm, Sweden. Quote is by Sir Walter Scott, 1805.11/20/06 Magic Shopping - Barry's Magic Shop, Wheaton MD11/19/06 (Sunday) Cowtown NJ11/17/06 Political Point - Ben's Chili Bowl, Wash. DC11/16/06 Chomsky!! - Douglas Park, Santa Monica CA11/15/06 Strung Out - Santa Monica CA11/13/06 Life In The 99th Arrondissment - 17 Rue Des Ecoles, Paris, France11/12/06 (Sunday) Calgary, Sask. Canada11/6/06 Midnight Cowboy - Somewhere in Texas, near Highways 807 and 5411/5/06 (Sunday) S.U.N.Y at Purchase NY11/2/06 Cross-Country Trip - Last panel: Lemesa TX11/1/06 Western Thought - Utamilla OR10/31/06 Tower Of Power - Water tower, Azalea Road, Levittown LI, NY10/30/06 Beloved, Yet Frightening - "Cat" by Fernando Botero (1984), outside his apartment bldg., 900 Park Ave.,NY NY10/27/06 Funky - Calgary, Sask. Canada10/26/06 The Chinese Conundrum - Elgin Diner & Happy Chinese Food, Camden NJ10/25/06 Pure Evil - Bled, Slovenia10/23/06 Stranger Than Newark - Star View Diner, Somerdale NJ10/22/06 (Sunday) Walt Disney Concert Hall, L.A. CA10/20/06 Beach Boy - Pacific Palisades CA10/17/06 Ole, L.A. - Van Nuys CA10/16/06 Still Spinning - Woodland Hills CA10/15/06 (Sunday) East Point GA10/12/06 The Toad Code - L.A. CA10/11/06 Waiting On THe Asphalt - 1) Encino Park CA 2) Santa Monica CA 3) Venice CA10/10/06 Probing The Shallows - Panels 2&3: Rio Vista CA10/9/06 Casual Dining - Allentown PA10/8/06 (Sunday) Quassy Amusement Park, Middlebury CT10/6/06 The King Vs. The Kinks - Rosedale MD10/5/06 Logged Out - Canterbury, England10/4/06 On The Path - "Fish" by Marjorie Strider, Cornwall Bridge CT10/3/06 Gotta Blow - Kemper Mus. of Contemporary Art, Kansas City MO10/2/06 Tunnel Vision - 3rd St. Tunnel, L.A. CA10/1/06 (Sunday)- Martha's Vineyard MA9/24/06 (Sunday)- Panels 1 & 3- Skyline Diner, Front Royal VA - Panel 2- Paris France9/29/06 Cartoon Reality - Aero Diner, N. Windham CT. Jack's, L.A. CA9/28/06 Give It To Me When I Get Home - Pierce Bros. Mortuary, Westwood, L.A. CA9/27/06 Head Honcho - Venice, Italy9/26/06 Out Of His Deppth - "Big Zip": Great Falls VA (spotted in Annapolis MD)9/22/06 Demanding Child - National Portrait Gallery, Wash. DC9/21/06 Lamont Fever - Eggie's Diner, Plaistow NH9/20/06 Morning Stroll - Point Pleasant NJ9/19/06 Stern Behavior - Laurel Diner, Southbury CT9/17/06 (Sunday)- The Brooklyn Diner, W. 57th St., New York NY9/15/06 Eats Fries & Leaves - Los Angeles CA9/13/06 Remember Gravitas? - Washington DC9/11/06 Word, Dawg - Nipper, Albany NY9/8/06 Up The Lazy River - Los Angeles CA9/7/06 Dyna-Flow - Lennox CA9/6/06 Existentialism - Dublin OH9/5/06 Mamet, Dammit - Providence RI9/4/06 No Nix 76 - Honolulu HI9/3/06 (Sunday) Mustache Bill's Diner, Barnegat NJ8/30/06 Heavenly Alignment - Lincoln RI8/29/06 The System Works - Providence RI8/28/06 Please Dispose Of Properly - Natural Bridge VA8/27/06 (Sunday) Los Angeles CA8/25/06 Semiotics For Dummies - Brant Lake NY8/24/06 Parting Shot - Brant Lake NY8/23/06 Greeting Card - Brant Lake NY8/22/06 Beep, Beep - Norm's Restaurant, Los Angeles CA8/21/06 Exhausting The Possibilities - Tony's Transmissions, Los Angeles CA8/20/06 (Sunday) Bristol CT8/18/06 Everything Must Go - Muncie IN8/16/06 Caesar Salad - Deepwater Diner, Carney's Point NJ8/15/06 Gratuity Not Included - 1) Higganum CT 2& 3) Haddam CT8/14/06 Greaseland - Tuxedo NY8/13/06 (Sunday) Jerusalem, Israel8/11/06 It Was A Sign From Above - Los Angeles CA8/10/06 Draft Pick - Bowin SD8/4/06 Going Against Type - Florence MA8/3/04 Global Warming, Chilling Thought - Aberdeen MD8/2/06 An Inconvenient Booth - Los Angeles CA8/1/06 Capitol Idea -Los Angeles CA7/31/06 BlueBird Blues - Brooklyn NY 7/30/06 (Sunday) Embarcadero, San Francisco CA7/28/06 Asleep At The Cheese Wheel - Harrisburg PA7/27/06 Raisin D'iner - Westminster MD7/26/06 Quiet, Please - Hawthorne CA7/25/06 Loaded For Burger - Cincinnati OH7/24/06 Unleaded Moment - Panels 1, 2 & 3) Union 76 Stations in N.Hollywood CA, Gresham OR, Sacramento CA7/21/06 Deal Breaker - Hawthorne CA7/20/06 Edifice Rex - New York City NY 7/19/06 Mexican Stand-off - Panel 1)Huntington Park CA Panel 2) Alhambra CA Panel 3) W. Los Angeles CA7/16/06 (Sunday) Panels 2 & 3) Houston TX Panel 4) Santa Monica Pier CA7/14/06 Salisbury NC 7/13/06 Ice Cream, Therefore I Am - Florida7/11/06 Key Freudian Concept - Los Angeles CA7/10/06 Hollywood And Vain - Santa Monica CA 7/9/06 (Sunday) Culver City CA7/7/06 New Paradigm - Santa Monica CA 7/6/06 Spin Control - Santa Monica CA 7/5/06 We Have A Wiener - Los Angeles CA 7/4/06 Auto Immune System - 1964 Chrysler Newport7/2/06 (Sunday) Oxford MA6/30/06 American Idyll - Clark's Elioak Farm, Ellicott City MD6/29/06 Sit-Down Strike - Lee's Summit MO6/28/06 Global Village People - Houston TX6/27/06 Economic Upturn - Oxford MA6/26/06 Hungry Chuck - Wilmington DE6/25/06 (Sunday) - Overlea Diner, Overlea MD6/23/06 Talk To My Attorney - Downey CA6/22/06 Imperialism - Conny's Creamy Cone, St. Paul MN6/21/06 Sartrinization - New York NY6/20/06 Bi-Coastal Couple - Los Angeles CA6/19/06 Lullaby - Mattress Warehouse, Woodlawn MD6/17/06 Plugged - West Shore Diner, Harrisburg PA6/16/06 You've Gotta Be Me! - Wolfe's Diner, Harrisburg PA6/15/06 Searchquest - Cranston RI6/14/06 Polymorphous Polynesian - Route 66, Arizona6/13/06 The Future Is Now - Panel 1) Cranston RI Panel 2) Oxford MA Panel 3) Providence RI6/12/06 Three-Hole Punch - Arlington VA6/8/06 The Driving Force - Yamanashi Prefecture Japan6/7/06 Money, Donuts & Power - Winston-Salem NC6/11/06 (Sunday) - Panels 1,2 & 4) Four Sisters Owl Diner,Lowell MA Panel 3) Puna HI6/6/06 - Panels 1 & 3)Almaty Kazakhstan Panels 2 & 4) Unger West VA6/5/06 Ocean City NJ6/4/06 (Sunday) - Oakdale WI6/3/06 Oklahoma City OK6/2/06 Upper Deerfield NJ6/1/06 Long Beach CA5/31/06 - Springfield IL5/30/06 Providence RI5/29/06 Choosing The De Luxe Package - National Car Wash,Los Angeles CA5/28/06 White River Junction VT5/26/06 Auto-Destruct - Los Angeles CA5/25/06 Head Cheese - Springfield IL5/24/06 The Incredible Sulk - Universal City,Los Angeles CA5/23/06 Caught In The Web - Greensboro NC5/22/06 Soldiering On - Woodbury NJ5/19/06 Googling Stanley Fafara - Wayne Junction Diner, N. Philadelphia PA5/17/06 Literally -Boardwalk, Santa Cruz CA5/14/06 (Sunday) Lakewood CO5/15/06 Backstreet Boys - Unger WV5/12/06 In The Swim - Daytona FL5/11/06 Cwazy Wabbit - Baltimore MD5/10/06 The Last Refuge - 1) Randy's Donuts, Inglewood CA 2) Donut King II, Gardena CA5/9/06 Vanilla Magilla - Hanover PA5/8/06 40 Acres And A Fool - Kellogg ID5/7/06 (Sunday) Burbank CA5/5/06 It's All Their Fault - Panel 1) LA CA Panel 2) Compton CA Panel 2) Bellflower CA 5/4/06 Please Step To The Rear - Burbank CA5/3/06 Ready For Action - Cindy's Diner, Scituate RI5/2/06 Street Smarts - Panel 1) Manitou Springs CO Panel 2)Detroit MI Panel 3) Seattle WA5/1/06 Quick! A Painkiller! - Panel 1) Melrose Ave., L.A. CA Panels 2&3) Boardwalk, Santa Cruz CA4/28/06 Trading Partners - Tarzana CA4/27/06 Zen Chipmunk - Statues by Philip Grausman. Zippy is singing "Witch Doctor" (1956) by David Seville (of "Alvin and the Chipmunks")4/26/06 Rolling To A Stop -Seattle WA (demolished)4/21/06 Let My Peephole Go! - Timna, Israel4/18/06 Animal Behavior - Kaohsiung, Taiwan4/17/06 Soy Boy - Siluo Township, Taiwan4/14/06 It's Juxt A Pose - Venice CA4/13/06 Survival Of The Species - Peg's Diner, Whitinsville MA4/11/06 Bigger THan Big Boy - Burbank CA4/7/06 Words And Pictures - Royal Oak Miniature Golf, Royal Oak MI4/6/06 Denial Flu - Jawor's Fun Golf, Roseville MI4/5/06 Missing Link - Panels 1&2) Jekyll Island Miniature Golf, Jekyll Island GA Panel 3) Putt-Putt Golf Course, Drayton Plains MI Panel 4) Panama City Beach FL4/2/06 (Sunday) - Panel 1 & 2) Seattle WA Panel 3) Portland OR4/1/06 April Showers - Gillette Castle Hadlyme CT<b


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