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i think this generation of kids are simply incredible. i have a 9-year-old, and my 13-year-old is pretty much my clone. when my daughter and i wanted to go to the farmer's market, we would shop, then we would stand in line and wait like our parents/grandparents did. they didn't want to miss out on any of the fun things in life! they truly enjoy being independent. i love this article, and it resonates with me!

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totally agree on your observations. my daughter and i are going to hike the appalachian trail together in march. it will be five weeks of all for her to do most things alone, and she's been preparing for it for over a year. she's on a strict budget, and has been preparing all of her own meals, but she's also been making phone calls to find out what we need, and what may not be essential. there are so many places she can buy things, but she is making it so she can do what she wants on the trail and only carry what she needs. i'm excited to see her learning to be as independent as she can be.

children should be taught how to stand on their own two feet as early as possible. this is especially true as they grow into teenagers and young adults. if you want something done, just ask for it yourself and be sure to only ask for what you want. your parents will be there to make sure you do not get hurt, but they cannot be there every day to do everything for you, and if they try, their heart will be broken.

in high school, i had a problem with being very into technology. i came from a high school where i got decent grades, but i had a problem with staying on track. i usually started something and would not finish. it wasnt because i would never stick with it and i really could do whatever i wanted, but i found more interesting things to do. id work on my car, id fix my room, id work on my page, id play some hacky-sack, id do something else, but i would always be looking for something to do that was more interesting than the last one. id always be looking for what was next, not what i was doing now. i was always anxious that it wasnt good enough and id be bored. id just want to start another thing.


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