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[S1E8] Seventeen Candles

Back at the party, Blair plays with her phone; waiting for Nate to call or text. Chuck comes over and she says that Nate always calls her at midnight on her birthday. He mentions that it's odd how he suddenly wants her back now that Eleanor is wanting to end the deal with his father, but Blair doesn't buy it. She replies that no way would he do that to her, but Chuck says that she knows deep down that he would do anything to help his family. Chuck proposes a deal: if Nate calls at midnight, he'll leave her alone forever but if he doesn't, she spends the night with him. Blair initially says no, but then agrees. Inside the party, Dan explains to Serena that he brought Vanessa so they can bond. Serena asks him to tell her something she likes so she can try and bond with her but before Dan can, she suggests that they play Guitar Hero. They begin to play together and actually have fun. After Serena's turn, Vanessa alludes to Dan having a bad day and Serena asks what kind of day he had. Vanessa asks if he told her, and he confesses that Alison came home. Hurt, Serena excuses herself, and Dan follows. She tells him that she's hurt that he still tells Vanessa everything first because she wants to be his person. He confesses that having a girlfriend is a new thing for him and he doesn't know the rules yet. She explains that she doesn't want to compete with Vanessa over his attention and he asks her to go somewhere alone with him the next day so they can talk about his family in detail so much to where she's sick of it. Serena smiles and says that sounds perfect. Meanwhile, Jenny and Nate discuss their family problems. He shows her the ring and says that he's supposed to give it to her even though he doesn't want to; because them breaking up was the right decision. Jenny notices that he sounds sure about that and he replies that while he wants to help his parents, he doesn't want them to control his life. Back inside the party, Chuck tells Blair that it's 12:01 and Nate didn't call. Serena then brings out the cake and everyone excitedly tells Blair to blow out the candles and make a wish. She tearfully says it already didn't come true and walks away.

[S1E8] Seventeen Candles



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