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Valentine Likhachev
Valentine Likhachev

Rang Milanti (2011) !!TOP!!

Kamalini (Churni Ganguly) is Kamalika's older sister and a famous film star married to Deep who is a failure and tries to eke out a living by conducting a programme on a FM channel in a female voice. The marriage is in deep trouble and this adds to Kamalika's problem. Deep suggests she consult a famous psychiatrist. She walks into the psychiatrist's clinic that resembles a haunted mansion from outside and a sinister, dark room with strange objects strewn around inside. He tells her to play a 10-part game to find which boy would be perfect husband material. The audience can freely see through the psychiatrist's Einstein-like white wig, black-framed glasses and buck-teeth but Kamalika cannot. The game begins without the four guys being aware of their having been turned into guinea pigs whom Kamalika decides to twist round her little finger. She does it quite well probably because she can do little else. Riddhima looks good but one needs to see if she can get her act together fully dressed. The four youngsters, drawn from Bengali television, are fresh but awkward at times. The characterisations are shallow. Tanaji as Laden is the best. Churni Ganguly's Kamalini is a mature performance while Riingo as her current boyfriend Prakash, a snobbish filmmaker, is a delight to watch.

Rang Milanti (2011)

For the movies Rang Milanti in 2011, he was selected for screening at the Indian Panorama section of the 42nd International Film Festival of India at Goa. The film also had on International Premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival(2011), where it competed for the Muhr Asia Africa awards for Feature Films. 350c69d7ab


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